The Pet K9 Favicon

Fully Trained Staff

Our staff is trained to ensure your Pet receives the best possible pet day boarding experience. Our day boarding team will monitor your pet’s health and keep records of their stay. We provide fresh water consistently and feed your pet premium food. If preferred, we also allow owners to bring pet food from home in pre-measured and pre-marked baggies.

You’re in Charge

Schedule and book grooming slot online - 7 days a week.

Groomer cleans up

Hassle-free service - your house is clean like before.

Professionals Pet Stylists

Pet Groomer brings all the equipment.

Those days have gone when you have to worry about keeping your pet alone at home. With the emergence of the concept of a Pet boarding facility, you can go on a vacation or a business trip without worrying about your pet. dog/Cat boarding provides the ultimate safety and a healthy environment for your beloved furry friend. Whether you need to train your Pet or to keep your friend busy with other canines while you are busy at the office, Pet boarding is a great option to opt for.

So, leave your pet in a boarding centre and observe the changes that it brings to your furry friend’s life. Pet boarding centres are designed in such a way that it caters to all the specific and generic needs of your Pet. The services available at Pet boarding centres include: