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What does dog grooming entail?

All dog grooming is different but most dog grooming entails a beautiful shampoo and brush, getting rid of any knots, a trim if it is a long haired dog, or a shave if this is what the owner prefers. Dog grooming includes teeth brushing and nail clipping. Some groomers add a little bow at the end of the grooming but this really depends on what the owner wants. The owner of a poodle may want a pretty bow, the owner of a German Shepherd may not! Dog grooming is about ensuring the dog has clean eyes, that it does not have any muck in its eyes, and that it is generally clean all over.

Grooming a dog’s coat is not just about good looks. It keeps their coat well ventilated and allows for good and healthy growth. It means their skin can breathe easily and no blocked pores happen. A well-groomed dog turns into a good dog without any skin problems, itches or eczemas.

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Good grooming will help your dog look and feel his best. Any grooming should mostly be light trims around the face, ears, paws, and sanitary areas every 4-6 weeks. Typically, wire-haired dogs should not be shaved down as their coat may grow back softer and a different colour

A professional grooming session typically consists of the dog being brushed, bathed, and dried, as well as trimmed or clipped with clean, sanitized brushes and clipper blades. Groomers brush or comb out mats before the bath, making it easier to lather the pet with shampoo. They clean the pet’s ears and check for signs of infection. When the coat dries, the dog is trimmed, clipped, or shaved, if needed or requested..