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We offer the best grooming and care services for your pets We are happy to groom your dogs and cats in the comfort of your house. We provide affordable and convenient services Our groomers will come with their bag of tools and use your washroom/balcony (As you suggested) and start their work instantly. Neat, clean, and efficient in a professional manner.

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Cat Grooming

Finding the right cat grooming service can be difficult.

Dog Grooming

Good grooming will help your dog look and feel his best.

Day Boarding

Leaving your pet alone while going to work or on a day out with friends.

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We embrace innovation for continuous progress.



We take responsibility for our commitments, actions and results.



We build trust through quality service and process excellence.



We collaborate to grow and make all our stakeholders successful.

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We Offer The Best Grooming And Care Services For Your Pets.

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Give your pet a happy and safe boarding experience and enjoy your time away from home knowing that your pet is cared for around the clock in a safe environment. We provide your pet with premium food, lot's of exercise, comfortable boarding rooms, grooming, 24/7 vet care.

Dog Grooming

What does dog grooming entail? All dog grooming is different but most

Day Boarding

Fully Trained Staff Our staff is trained to ensure your Pet receives

Birds Grooming

Wing Feather Trimming Grooming of birds is important to keep them in

Rabbit Grooming

Professional Grooming Service for Rabbits Your rabbit needs to be groomed regularly.

Clients Review


Great services! Highly recommend it to all of you out there looking for good grooming services for your pets.

Ajeet Singh

Professional, friendly, and caring staff, has been a wonderful experience of us and our pet.

Sagar Sharma

Excellent staff for grooming your pet they are perfectly expert in grooming and hair cutting over all Good experience. Thank so much.

Neha Pathak

    Service provided was pretty good. I have availed full grooming service. They cut my dog hair nicely and made it like a groom. Definitely i will give them a second chance.



    One of the best service I have got in Delhi. They were neat and clean and showed vaccination certificate before grooming my gunny.


    Rohit Chaudhary

    The cats spa for the first time, this was her first visit to a groomer so really wasn’t sure what she would make if it. My main reason for visiting was to see if it would relax enough to allow someone to trim her nails without her getting too distressed we have never managed to achieve this before.

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    We are Planning to Open Our Own Pet Grooming Salon Soon!!
    Please Give Your Opinion as it Matters to Us Too.